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Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP (NASDAQ - MCEP) is a publicly held Delaware limited partnership formed in July 2011 to own, acquire, exploit and develop producing oil and natural gas properties in North America, with a focus on Enhanced Oil Recovery ("EOR"). Our management team has significant industry experience, especially with waterflood projects and, as a result, our operations focus primarily on enhancing the development of producing oil properties through waterflooding.

Our primary business objective is to generate stable cash flow, which will allow us to make quarterly cash distributions to our unitholders at the initial quarterly distribution rate and, over time, to increase our quarterly cash distributions. To achieve our objective, we intend to execute the following business strategies:

  • Continue exploitation of our existing properties to maximize production;
  • Pursue acquisitions of long-lived, low-risk producing properties with upside potential;
  • Capitalize on our relationship with the Mid-Con Energy Partners' private affiliates for favorable acquisition opportunities;
  • Maintain operational control and a focus on cost-effectiveness in all our operations;
  • Reduce the impact of commodity price volatility on our cash flow through disciplined commodity hedging strategies;
  • Maintain a balanced capital structure to allow for financial flexibility to execute our business strategies; and
  • Utilize compensation programs that align the interest of our management team with our unitholders.